Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Broadly, ARX is strength training and body development, but instead of using weights as our means of resistance we use finely-tuned motors. Their use allows our technology to provide what we call “adaptive resistance;” resistance applied to the user only in response to their own effort. Physical effort against resistance is the first step or “active ingredient” in all exercise, and its downstream effects give us all of the health benefits we know and love from training. ARX provides safe, controlled, immediate, infinite, and quantifiable resistance that is of a higher quality than is currently possible with the out-dated, gravity-based systems found in gyms worldwide.

There is no need to set the resistance while using ARX; the machine applies perfect opposing resistance in direct proportion to what the user is producing at each moment in time. The machine moves the handles or foot pads at the selected speed during the positive and negative regardless of how hard a user exerts. The difficulty is determined entirely by the user, whose effort is measured and displayed by the software in real time.

No, all ARX machines come equipped with a handheld remote that must be controlled by a second person, separate from the user.

The drive system is attached to a load cell that reads the force that the user is currently applying to the machine. The load cell then communicates this information to the software via a bluetooth signal. The software receives all of this data, stores it, and then translates it into useful charts, graphs, and other visual feedback components.

The speed of the motor can be adjusted at any time using the handheld controller. The fastest speed permits a concentric phase of 2-4 seconds and an eccentric phase of 2-4 seconds. The slowest speed permits a concentric phase of approximately 30 seconds and an eccentric phase of approximately 30 seconds. There are 10 possible speeds in all, and the other speeds that fall between these two end points are available at any time. Speeds can also be changed "on-the-fly" by the trainer to allow for say, a 30-second concentric followed by a 3-second eccentric.

ARX is safe for all forms of rehabilitation, offering the full spectrum of resistance ranging from passive resistance (stretching) all the way to eccentric loading (negatives). There are no weights to drop, the speed is manageable and controlled, and the machine can never act upon the user. This means that a user can never encounter any forces that they themselves did not first produce, and this never-excessive scenario dramatically lowers the risk of injury.

Nope! Both are full-body machines. That is, you don’t have any muscles that either machine, all by itself, can fully stimulate and address.

Completely up to the practitioner! ARX can be used seven days per week, once per month, or anywhere in between depending on goals. In the same way that the metal weights in a gym can be used in a wide variety of ways, our new technology can be used in myriad rep/set schemes, varieties, intensities, and more. With ARX, any protocol is possible. No matter which program you’re using ARX for, it allows you to develop your body more quickly, safely, efficiently, and quantifiably than any gravity-based system.

Not only is there no medical benefit of strength training that ARX cannot provide, but its use can provide those benefits with a far smaller time commitment, far smaller risk of injury, far better progress tracking, and in a far smaller time period.

Yep, it does that too! The body’s adaptive response of building stronger and more physically-developed muscles is provoked primarily by high levels of mechanical tension, physical trauma to the muscle fibers, and the accumulation of the byproducts of fatigue within the muscles. These stimuli can all be produced using weights, but with access to ARX’s adaptive resistance you can produce all three elements in far greater magnitudes, far more safely, and far more quickly than with any weight. So for those looking for a pump, looking for muscle gains, and looking to build a more aesthetic physique, ARX is the best tool currently available.