ARX is resistance exercise technology that uses computer-controlled, motorized resistance in place of weights or other more traditional forms of resistance.  This “adaptive resistance” provides safe, controlled, and quantifiable resistance that is of a higher quality than is currently possible with weights or other gravity-based systems found in the world today.

To learn more about what makes ARX different, you can view the following video:  https://youtu.be/B8Km2QWDP68?list=PL7ijTcl_-JLHPRud-nTZVxDR_7WG7ReKw

There is no need to set the resistance while using ARX. The machine applies perfect opposing resistance in direct proportion to the force the user is producing at each moment in time. The machine moves the handles or foot pads at the pre-selected speed during the positive and negative phases of contraction regardless of how hard a user exerts. The resistance provided by the machine is determined entirely by the user, whose effort is then measured and displayed by the software in real time.

Yes!  All ARX machines can be controlled autonomously by the software (Automatic Mode) so you can perform workouts alone and without the need of a trainer or partner.

A full list of available exercises can be found on our Product Line page.

The drive system and load cell are integrated with the motor controller system, both of which communicate with the software in a feedback loop. Numerous user data points like force output, range of motion, speed, percentage of fatigue, concentric and eccentric peak forces, and more are all tracked and displayed by the software. Additionally, this data is stored in the ARX cloud, where useful and motivational visual feedback of the data is displayed in the user’s online dashboard.

The speed of the motor can be adjusted within the ARX software. You can pre-set the speed of the positive (concentric) and the negative (eccentric) phases of the repetition independently. You can also control the duration of time the motor pauses at either end of the repetition. This speed control allows for ultimate flexibility in programming your workouts.

ARX is safe for all forms of rehabilitation, offering the full spectrum of resistance ranging from passive resistance (stretching) all the way to eccentric loading (negatives). There are no weights to drop, the speed is pre-set and controllable, and the machine can never act upon the user without the user first acting on the machine. This means that a user can never encounter any level of force that they themselves did not first produce, and this never-excessive scenario dramatically lowers the risk of injury.

Either one of our models can provide a full-body workout all by themselves.

The Alpha is built around The Big Three — Leg Press, Chest Press, and Row. Quick, simple, efficient full-body work from one seat with almost zero learning curve.

The Omni has all the “bells and whistles,” and can perform more targeted work for those who want more versatility and control, or who know their way around a weight room and are looking for a better way to get the most from their resistance exercise.

You can check out this video for more about the differences between our two models.

ARX can be used in once per week, every day per week, once per month, or anywhere in between. Usage is entirely dependent on the user’s goals. In the same way that the metal weights in a gym can be used in a wide variety of ways, ARX technology can be used in various rep/set schemes, intensities, and quantities to reach a user’s goals. 

With ARX, any protocol is possible and no matter which you choose, ARX will provide you with the safest, most efficient, and most effective form of resistance you can find today.

Not only is there no medical benefit of strength training that ARX cannot provide, but its use can provide those benefits with a far smaller time commitment, far smaller risk of injury, far better progress tracking, and in a far smaller time period.

The body’s adaptive response of building stronger, bigger muscles is provoked primarily by the application of three elements at the muscle level: mechanical tension, physical damage, and metabolic stress.

These stimuli can all be applied through the use of weights, but ARX’s adaptive resistance allows you to apply all three elements in greater magnitudes, more safely, and more quickly than with any weight. So for those looking for a pump, more muscle mass, or just looking to build a more aesthetic physique, ARX is the best tool currently available for these purposes.

The following ARX Academy video goes into this in more depth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4G49oqBORs&list=PL7ijTcl_-JLHQPGYykpQErmrL8KBBHzkv&index=5

The expression of fast-twitch muscle fiber is stimulated based on force demand. That is, the greater the magnitude of force the target muscle is made to produce during exercise, the greater the fast-twitch muscle fiber expression in that muscle as the body adapts to the stimulus.

Because ARX’s adaptive resistance never under-loads the user, it allows for the maximum-possible force production of which the user is capable at all times. This is especially valuable in the eccentric phase of contraction, which represents the greatest capacity for a muscle to produce force. These high-force eccentrics preferentially recruit fast-twitch muscle fiber and make the athlete more explosive over time.

So even though the speed of motion is slow and controlled, ARX provokes the strongest-possible expression of fast-twitch muscle fiber by maximizing the force demand on the target muscle, primarily through max-effort eccentric contractions.