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Adaptive Resistance Exercise


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(Explore the prestige and precision of ARX)

  • Be The First. Own the Best - Be the envy of your friends with access to a superior workout in your own home. ARX is the sign of a discerning fitness enthusiast who wants to stay ahead of the curve.
  • ​Better Workouts in Less Time - ARX uses personalized, perfect resistance to give you an ideal, high-intensity workout in just 20 minutes. You save HOURS of valuable time to devote to work or family.
  • Prioritize Your Health (You Can’t Buy It Back Later) - Your health is everything. Without it you can’t perform at work or in your home life. And it’s the one thing you can’t buy back. But an ARX home install allows you to prioritize your health without taking time away from the rest of your life.
  • A High Speed Workout That’s Actually Safer - In 15-20 minutes you can accomplish what would take hours with traditional workouts. And with ARX you won’t have to compromise your form and risk injury, as the ARX resistance technology will decrease as you begin to fatigue . It’s quick, convenient and safe. (Cause who has time to be down with an injury?)
  • Be at The Forefront of The Fitness Revolution - ARX is doing for fitness what Apple did for computing and Tesla did for cars. In the past 40 years, the fitness industry has stagnated. Tiny improvements have been lauded as transformational but no one has really pushed the needle to create something never-before-seen. Until ARX. Become an Early Adopter today and you’ll be one of the first to own ARX in your own home.

ARX users are in good company

Tony Robbins

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Ben Greenfield

Spartan Pro Team, Ironman Triathlete, America’s Top Personal Trainer (NSCA)

Dave Asprey

Founder, Bulletproof

Only the most discerning fitness enthusiasts own ARX

(Explore the prestige and precision of ARX)

The ARX futurist approach to getting and staying healthy that makes fitness accessible to even the busiest CEOs, execs and leaders.

(Explore the prestige and precision of ARX)

A fitness revolution for the leaders of today

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I founded ARX because I wanted to create a completely new approach in the fitness industry—one where working out and getting healthy is incredibly efficient and accessible to everyone. Today, ARX is being used by fitness enthusiasts from pro athletes to CEOs and entrepreneurs, exceptional individuals all agree, ARX is amazing!

Now it’s time to really blow open the industry by giving exclusive home access to those who truly believe in being at the forefront of health, fitness and technology.

I’ve had the adventure of a lifetime creating this company. Are you ready to join me?

Mark Alexander,
Entrepreneur & CEO of ARX

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Personalized training at its best

Alongside your trainer or alone

Imagine the power of ARX right in your own home. A personalized workout with the perfect resistance for you that’s quick, convenient and it quantifies and tracks your progress.

There’s never been a exceptional fitness technology this advanced and now it can be yours withing the privacy of your own home gym.

(Explore the prestige and precision of ARX)

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(Explore the prestige and precision of ARX)