Discover your perfect workout with

Discover your perfect workout with

Adaptive Resistance Exercise

Experience The Future of Exercise

Experience The Future of Exercise

with our computer-controlled, motorized technology.  

Efficient. Effective. Quantified.

Efficient. Effective. Quantified.

No other technology can match the benefits of ARX. 

Who Uses ARX?

The Future of Exercise

ARX is the first of its kind. Our breakthrough technology uses patented, motorized resistance and computer software to provide you with the most efficient and effective resistance training on the planet! Stop wasting time deciding what weight to choose or tracking your progress. ARX was designed using scientifically-backed principles that will provide you more benefits in ~95% less time. No gimmicks, just a better form of resistance than traditional methods of training.

Why Adaptive Resistance?

Perfect Resistance

Safest Resistance

More Muscle, More Bone, Less Time

Better Results With Technology

Track And Quantify Your Progress

The Perfect Range Of Motion

Exercise Safely, Alone Or In A Group

Customers Using ARX

"I'm really excited about using it and the refinements over the last few years have been night and day."

Tony Robbins

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

"ARX is an awesome technology that can get you maximally strong in a very, very short period of time."

Ben Greenfield

Co-Founder, Kion
NYT Best-Selling Author

“I love ARX! Not only do I use it personally, I'm also putting it in my new Bulletproof biohacking lab. ARX is truly the future of exercise.”

Dave Asprey

Founder, Bulletproof
3x NYT Best-Selling Author


I founded ARX because I wanted to create a completely new approach in the fitness industry—one where working out and getting healthy is incredibly efficient and accessible to everyone. Today, ARX is being used by everyone from pro athletes to C-suite execs to busy parents who are all looking to keep their health at it’s peak as they strive to live an optimal life.

If you are a busy professional and/or parent who wants to OWN THE BEST, look no further than ARX.  From a time efficiency and benefits perspective, there is simply no competition compared to what ARX can give you and we have the data to back those claims up. 

If you are tired of the gimmicky fitness industry tricking you into buying “the next big thing,” skip the hype and invest in something that is truly pushing the industry 10 steps forward.  Invest in ARX. 

Mark Alexander,
Entrepreneur & CEO of ARX

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