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Why Adaptive Resistance?

Real-Time Feedback
Real-Time Feedback On Every Rep
Perfect Resistance
Resistance =
Perfect Workout
More Muscle
More Muscle In
Less Time
Track Your Progress Easily
Track Your Progress Easily
94% More Time Efficient Than Weight
94% More Time Efficient
Than Weights

Why ARX?

Our breakthrough Adaptive Resistance™ technology uses patented, motorized resistance and computer software to give you the perfect workout every time.

ARX was created using scientifically-backed principles that guarantee you receive the safest, most effective, and most efficient form of resistance exercise in the world. 

Which One Sounds Like You?

Build A New Fitness Business

Build A New Fitness Business

Integrate ARX Into My Business

Integrate ARX Into My Business

Buy ARX For My Home Gym

Buy ARX For My Home Gym

The Omni​

The Omni

The Omni was designed to deliver a full-body, customizable workout that serves users of all skill levels from novice to expert. 

The Omni’s cable-driven system allows for the connection of various attachments and handles to deliver a more customized workout experience. 

The Alpha​

The Alpha

The Alpha was designed to deliver a full-body, ultra-efficient workout for users of all age and experience levels while maximizing space efficiency.  

Typical full workouts on the ARX Alpha can be completed in only 6 minutes! 

Connect & Quantify​

Connect & Quantify

The ARX software brings resistance training into the 21st century, empowering users to track and quantify their progress like never before. 

It’s never been easier to track your total force output, max force output (concentric and eccentric), time under tension, and other improvement metrics.

The days of wondering “Am I improving?” are long gone! Precise and consistent, the ARX software tracks your progress instantly and automatically. 

Who Uses ARX?

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins ​

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield​

Founder of Greenfield Fitness Systems & Kion

Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey​

Founder of Bulletproof
& Upgrade Labs

From Our Customers



I founded ARX because I wanted to create a completely new approach in the fitness industry—one where working out and getting healthy is incredibly efficient and accessible to everyone.

Today, ARX is the premiere exercise solution for pro athletes, busy parents, corporate executives, and even retirees who are all looking to live an optimal life without spending hours per week in the gym.

If you are tired of the fitness industry trying to trick you into buying “the next big thing,” skip the hype and the gimmicks and invest in something that is truly revolutionary.

Invest in ARX.

Mark Alexander
Entrepreneur & CEO of ARX