High Intensity Business #298 | Is Self-Serve ARX the Future of Fitness?​

Mike Pullano (Chief Experience Officer) gives updates on ARX as a business after a wild 2020, how the pandemic is THE BEST time to consider starting a business utilizing ARX or adding ARX to your existing business (even in a shutdown scenario), and why ARX training is so superior to any other equipment in the world. ...Read more

NPE Ep. 9 | Starting a Profitable Business With ARX's Next- Generation Fitness Technology

Jason DeBruler (Chief Operating Officer of ARX) talks about the science behind strength training and how ARX is advancing both hardware and software technology to produce the most efficient strength training dose possible. We also discuss the most common problems in the typical fitness business model and the work they’re doing to eliminate those obstacles and engineer the most profitable and efficient business model in the industry. Learn why big names like Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey, and Ben Greenfield are using and endorsing ARX and the incredible potential this technology has to transform our industry forever. ...Read more

Bulletproof Radio #422 | How Resistance Training and the ARX Fit System Will Revolutionize Your Workout – Mark Alexander and Mike Pullano

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to work out smarter…not longer or harder?!” Mark Alexander, a health entrepreneur and the founder of ARX Fit, felt the same way, and he made it his mission to advance the human body through life-improving innovations. Using resistance training as a basis for his exercise technology, Mark developed a system that uses computer-controlled, motorized resistance – not physical weights. Mark and ARX Chief Product Officer, Mike Pullano, join Dave to discuss the important positive impacts resistance exercise has on your overall health and longevity, how you can get the benefits of an amazing workout in less time doing less work, and how removing gravity from the equation provides a safer, more effective and totally efficient workout for people of all ages and stages of life. ...Read more

Corporate Warrior | Abe Williams & Mike Pullano – how to build a profitable strength training business with ARX

If you’re thinking of starting a business with ARX, this is the podcast for you! Listen to ARX's Chief Product Officer, Mike Pullano, and Everstrong San Francisco Owner, Abe Williams, talk about how ARX technology is a natural fit for Abe’s low square footage (500 sq ft) facility in downtown San Francisco and how he’s gone from 0 to 100+ clients in under a year with just two ARX machines, a vibration plate, and a few old MedX machines. Mike talks about other businesses he’s seen, who utilize ARX in similar ways to Everstrong, and how they are creating highly profitable businesses around the globe. ...Read more

High Intensity Business | Jim Keen – from Broadway to bicep curls - ARX and the history behind what ultimately created it

Join Jim Keen, ARX's "Director of Fun," to learn about how he became SuperSlow certified since 2013 after he transitioned from a career as a trumpet player on Broadway tours to becoming a High Intensity Training trainer in one year's time. After leaving Broadway, Jim also discovered and invested in some of the earliest prototypes of ARX technology that same year and never looked back.  6 years later, Jim has gained a unique perspective on the world of strength training and why ARX is "the best tool for the job" and will surely enlighten even the most knowledgeable HIT enthusiast. ...Read more

Corporate Warrior | Mike Pullano – the evolution of health clubs, ARX startup businesses, and ARX for muscle hypertrophy

Listen to ARX's Chief Product Officer, Mike Pullano, take a deep-dive into ARX technology, its many physical benefits, as well as detailing exactly how existing and startup businesses are utilizing ARX machines to create a new, fast-growing, model in the health and exercise industry that is popping up in cities all over the world....Read more

Corporate Warrior | Mark Alexander – eccentric overload training, using big data to optimize your workouts and the future of fitness facilities

Co-founder, investor, and CEO of Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX), which is pushing the boundaries of HIT and how people train by using innovative resistance training technology that is computer-controlled, adaptive, and data-driven, allowing a measure of stimulus and control that previously was not available. ...Read more

Bulletproof Radio #225| Dave Asprey and ARX CEO Mark Alexander

Join Mark and Dave, live at the 2016 Paleo f(x) conference in Austin, TX to talk all things ARX and see Dave test his strength on an ARX pulldown! ...Read more

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