3rd Party Technologies
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Kion Aminos is the fundamental supplement for fitness.

  • Naturally boost energy
  • Build lean muscle
  • Enhance athletic recovery

Save 20% on monthly deliveries or 10% on a one-time purchase.

CAR.O.L. technology is a perfect add-on to an ARX-equipped facility. Many end-user clients will see ARX as “Strength” and CAR.O.L. as “Cardio.” The two of these together completely replace the primary offerings of a traditional big-box gym while being safer, more quantifiable, and far more efficient.

Progress from resistance exercise depends on the quality of the exercise stimulus and the quality of your recovery. The Biocharger can be used before an ARX workout to increase performance (stimulus), and it is a robust enhancer of the recovery process. The Biocharger can be used for more systemic/holistic therapy that will keep people coming back for more on a regular basis.

Great for before or after your ARX session. Enhanced bloodflow/circulation will allow enhanced performance that you can measure. As well, having a JOOVV in your facility gives your clients another reason to return multiple times per week for the muscle recovery and inflammation-reducing benefits.

An entire metabolic testing laboratory in a compact package. One of the primary elements of the new paradigm of health/wellness facilities is the capacity to measure progress and improvement. Your clients will love seeing their ARX numbers increase over time, and many will also gladly support a part of your business that allows them to see their resting metabolic rate, VO2Max, Respiratory Exchange Ratio, and other metabolic parameters as they improve

Morozko Forge makes the only cold tub in the world that can maintain freezing cold temperatures. This makes it a great addition to an ARX-equipped facility that highly-effective recovery tool to accelerate results. The water is purified using ozone instead of harmful chemicals or solvents, cutting costs and ensuring client safety.

Impact Cryotherapy is the leading manufacturer of cryosaunas in America. These cryotherapy chambers represent a huge value-add for an ARX-equipped facility, allowing you to efficiently and conveniently provide world-class cryotherapy to your clients with a minimum of learning curve and complication.

The NeuX is a world-class physiotherapy device that works hand-in-hand with the use of ARX in your facility. The potent combination of AC and DC currents provide for your nervouse system what ARX provides for your muscles and bones. It can be used for therapy and to enhance recovery, but it can also be used to enhance the ARX workouts themselves.

Many fitness business owners don’t have the time—or the freedom—to enjoy their success. Their teams depend on them to solve problems, and they feel overwhelmed because they can’t produce the personal income they want and don’t have the profits needed to reinvest in continued growth. Let NPE help you solve your most common and painful problems without having to “reinvent the wheel.”

The Neubie is a fantastic addition to an ARX-equipped facility. It allows the user to get the best-possible production out of the nervous system, which can sometimes be limited by internal governors that reduce the proportion of muscle fibers available for voluntary use. By providing a targeted DC current to specific muscle groups, the Neubie can both enhance clients’ ARX workouts and provide a great post-workout “reset” that will leave them feeling great and kick-start the recovery process

Your clients are assaulted constantly by fake, man-made light. This light has a particular spike in the blue spectrum, which is harmful without the accompanying yellow, orange, and red spectra. Ra optics produces the finest blue-blocking glasses available. Help your clients develop robust circdian rhythms to enhance eye health, metabolic health, and recovery from their ARX workouts.