ARX Wins The Crowd at Both IHRSA and REC In The Month of October!

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ARX Wins The Crowd at IHRSA and REC

Trade show season is in full swing this Fall, and the ARX team exhibited at two conferences this October.

First, we demonstrated ARX’s Adaptive Resistance™ technology at the IHRSA conference in Dallas from October 13-15, and followed it up with an appearance at the Resistance Exercise Conference in Las Vegas from October 21-23.

Let’s take a look at some highlights!

IHRSA 2021- Dallas, TX

ARX Team at IHRSA 2021 Dallas

The ARX team, fully operational, ready to blow minds and melt faces

The International Health, Racquet, & Sportsclub Association—IHRSA—is the trade association serving the global health club and fitness industry. The mission of IHRSA is to grow, protect, and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with benefits that will help them be more successful.

Despite the conference being smaller than usual due to Covid, IHRSA 2021—the 40th year the event has been held—was still the largest show that ARX has ever been to, in terms of number of exhibitors, number of attendees, and number of speakers. They plan to be back to full attendance next year as restrictions ease even further.

Our normal trade show audience is biohackers, early adopters, and those who have studied deeply. In other words, people who were already aware of ARX.

So it was a fantastic couple of days of taking a mainstream fitness audience from zero to “I get it” over the course of a ten-minute demonstration. Lots of shock and awe.

ARX Demonstration to Tim Brown

And we even got to give a full ARX demonstration to NFL legend Tim Brown!

ARX Team

“How come every team doesn’t have this?!”

And finally, it wouldn’t be a conference without running into some colleagues and friends. The fine folks at Gladden Longevity were ably represented by Katie Brendel, and we enjoyed getting to connect with her again.

Gladden Longevity is dedicated to being the world’s best “Age Reversal” medical program. They are passionate about making 100 years old the new 30 years old. Basically, they want to return you to the age when you were at your best and then enable you to be even better.

They live and breathe health, human performance, and longevity optimization for you and for themselves. And we can confirm that they walk their talk!

We were also alongside our longtime trade show friends at Neufit, who were at their booth handing out nervous system upgrades and pain relief, as usual.

As the pioneers of their revolutionary Neubie device, their mission is helping patients to recover faster from injury or surgery, reduce—not just manage—chronic pain, and reach new levels of fitness and performance.

All in all, we put our best foot forward as first-time attendees at this show, and we look forward to IHRSA 2022 in Miami next year. Check out their event page here to book tickets!

Resistance Exercise Conference 2021 – Las Vegas, NV

Vegas, baby! After a few days of catching up on sleep from IHRSA, the team headed out to Las Vegas to represent ARX at the Resistance Exercise Conference.

REC is put on by Luke Carlson and his Discover Strength team. We’ve all agreed that this is the most professional, well-planned, well-organized conference we can remember. Giant kudos to them on the successful event.

This was our second year at the REC, and as the event’s Premier Sponsor we not only hosted some great after-hours events, but also got the opportunity to lead a morning exercise session and even present a half-hour intensive demonstration of our Adaptive Resistance™ technology.

Resistance Exercise Conference 2021 – Las Vegas

ARX Director of Education & Training Jim Keen takes Kristin Rowell of Energetically Efficient™ through a demonstration workout for the REC attendees on Friday night

We always take pride in our technology, but the crowd at the REC is unique, even for us. This is a smaller group of high-intensity training and SuperSlow owners and trainers, so everyone has a deep understanding of anatomy, metabolic systems, and the history of the field.

In other words, these are “our people,” and many of ARX’s team members come from a similar background. So instead of being mired in the minutia of explaining the basics, we got to have the fun of showing off just what the technology could do.

The REC team also put together a wonderful happy hour and dinner for everyone on Saturday night. Bravo again to their team for their hospitality!

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More To Come in 2022!

All-in-all, we ended the year with five shows under our belts in just four months, after having been grounded for all of 2020. Feels good! We made our presence felt at:

We plan on attending all NSCA events in 2022, along with next year’s Biohacking Conference and IHRSA Convention among others, so  please check out our Instagram and Facebook pages, where we’ll be making announcements as we get things booked.

Can’t wait for 2022!

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ARX simplifies the most comprehensive full-body workout through perfectly matched, motorized resistance. Short for Adaptive Resistance Exercise, ARX is scientifically proven to deliver quantifiable results in less time. The all-in-one strength training machine dynamically adjusts resistance in real-time to personalize every workout. ARX empowers and challenges individuals to achieve their fitness goals one perfectly calibrated repetition at a time. No dangerous weights to drop and no adjustments to make, just exact resistance. Founded in 2016, ARX is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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